GALA ČAKI (*1987) Novi Sad, Serbien

STUDIO TIME @ Hotel Cortisen 16.4. — 21.4. / 14:00 — 16:00

With her new series of paintings "Hunting" Gala Čaki examines the challenges that a person is exposed to and consciously takes up, so as to overcome their own ghosts and explore their own reality. The artist:in descends into the dark regions of the subconscious to discover the personal "I". This differs significantly from the external, stylized social "I". For most people, life is overwhelming. It makes a person melancholy or insane, or stumbling. Only the strongest can endure life without adulteration and with all its flavors; only the strongest know how to survive the overwhelming rush of life with sobriety and purity.

The transformation of one's being into animals is achieved through a long, deep and purposeful unsettling of all the senses. For this, Gala had to know all forms of love, suffering and madness to explore her own self. The artist, more than anyone else, became a great patient, a great criminal, a great outcast and an outstanding scholar to finally reach the unknown. The work at Art Cirlce International will be part of this new series.